reno lesson 1

This had a price tag of $759.99.
I paid $199.99.
The taps were an extra $89.
The selection at the 1st store was not very great and I couldn't find anyone to answer my questions.
At store number 2 (brand new and located at Preston crossing) 2 employees caught me gazing lovingly at the above vanity and asked if I needed assistance. I said I was looking for vanity for a rental property reno but this was was a little out of my price range. Employee #1 jumped on a ladder to check both sides of the price tag while employee #2 ran off to see if they still had the "sale" vanities in another holding area.
BINGO. He found me one. Then he found me taps. And talked me out of a new mirror encouraging me to recycle the old one because this was for a "rental" you know. The mirror I have is flat, the whole wall kind of mirror-simple yet elegant.
I LOVE a good shopping experience and I like deals. Our reno stores in town are all good but today one store really helped me out.
The walls will be white tile, and the new tub and surround will add to the spa feel.
Now has to be vinyl to fit the budget, any suggestions?

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PamJ said...

sweet! what a great deal.