farm adventure 2010

What a treat to visit a real farm.
(complete with real farmers!)
Our own Aunty and Uncle.
We "robbed" potatoes, picked perfect peas, raved about the red raspberries, oogled over fresh red and white onions, loaded up on fresh organic lettuce snuck some delicious dill and so much more!feet in.....feet out.......lazy summer day swinging lessons with Pa.
Notice how the swing is the perfect height, that's Uncle D for you.

The boy's chatting by the barn.

Some silly little boy trying to go through the cat door.

Auntie's poppies-my favorite!

I love this shot, it really captured the feeling of the day.

My little farmer in training takes direction from the Master Farmer.
How lucky we are for all the freedom, fresh air and family we have!


Jerri-Lea said...

Love the shots of Pa and the Sprout!!

the treat girl said...

Loooove the one of the boys by the looks like it could be a greeting card! What talent you have to capture such great shots.