Happy Birthday McDreamy!

I love celebrating Birthdays. I love celebrating with family. In a few hours we will all meet talk, visit, laugh, eat and play in a whirl wind of excitement that will leave us all happy and tired.
Can there be a better feeling? Happy day to you McDreamy I love you with all my heart!

It wouldn't be a party without favors! We had mini diet coke's (McDreamy's favorite!) and little treat bags with McDreamy's Picture.

I also gave McDreamy a little coupon book (for the guy who has everything!)

This coupon entitles Daryl to:
One inside car cleaning of the BMW.

This coupon entitles Daryl to:
One home made supper of his choice.
*vegetable must be included.

This coupon entitles Daryl to:
One night off of dishes.

This coupon entitles Daryl to:
One hour of undisturbed time
in the den of iniquity.

This coupon entitles Daryl to:
One breakfast in bed.

This coupon entitles Daryl to:
One back rub.

This coupon entitles Daryl to:
One load of laundry being done,
including folding.

This coupon entitles Daryl to:
One free lunch or supper @
Pa’s Restaurant.

This coupon entitles Daryl to:
One batch of home made cookies of his choice.

This coupon entitles Daryl to:
One family activity of his choice.
(excluding the inside public pools
because they are full of germs.)

Here are a few pictures from the birthday event. I had to "fix" up the costco cake with Pixar (Mc Dreamy's Favorite) character key chains. These were a huge success with all the kids and you would never know that Yoda dropped the cake, yes flat out dropped the cake as he was bringing it out!

The balloons were a huge hit with the kids and made for a very festive atmosphere, I wish I could say they were from me! Thanks to The Sprout's girlfriends at the restaurant for making McDreamy's day so special......wow, you guys are great! Also thanks to Yoda for hosting (and providing the de-lish grub!) Photos to come....


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Daryl hope you had a great day though I know Chantelle would have made it extra special.

Saucy said...

Happy Birthday McDreamy, you are a welcome addition to our crazy family... just another thing you accomplished this year!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday D...you're officially one of us now!!! xoxo the fan & The Secret Weapon

Pam said...

Happy birthday...
looks like you have out done yourself again Chantelle!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sassy:
You are the greatest! Thanks for making my 27th birthday the best ever! I love you so much.
To the love of my life---

sassy studio said...

You are so sweet McDreamy, Happy 27th! I don't need balloons, party favors or personalized photo napkin rings for my big day in 3 months, I just need you. However... if you need ideas this silly little place I heard of once might be able to help you out...



Anonymous said...

sounds like the party was lots of fun and sassy I like your suttle hint about what you want for your birthday!!!!!

Happy Belated Birthday to Daryl from Twinny and the Boys