Boys Boys Boys

The Sprout and I had a great visit the other day with a few of our good friends. We indulged in a session of baby massage that was enjoyed by all......just look at those relaxed baby faces! A big thanks to Cari from Arbonne who supplied the wonderful products all plant based and super safe for baby. If you want any Arbonne info just leave me a message and I can hook you up with info or product. Arbonne is all I have ever used on The Sprout and he is still diaper rash free, yup, 6 months and never a cry over a sore tushy! I just loooove that stuff! Here is photo of the diaper rash cream I have never had to use. Cari was so sweet to stock us up on more sunscreen for next summer by the pool too. My favorites are the baby wash, the oil for massage and the baby lotion. One bottle of each has lasted us 6+ months.
I just love this picture of the boys and their Mommies! These are my workout gals! Monday - Thursday we sweat and on Friday's we sip tea at our secret shop, sleep and eat Mommy hangout (Dutch Growers).


Pam said...

I wish we could have come too!
I also love the arbonne products!
That is all we use and my standard gift for all my friends who have babies.
see you on sunday!!

Saucy said...

Dutch Growers! One of my secret haunts too. They have the most amazing Christmas trees there and I talked Veto into one of those cool vintage cabinet/hutches in the early fall.

Arbonne is great. Loopy uses some of the skin products, especially the scrub - it is a miracle product, have you noticed her amazing skin for a 13 year old?