Introducing .......NANA!

Sure and sweet...just like the lady herself.
She has always been a great Mom but since the arrival of my first precious baby this past May I now see her through in a different light, through the eyes of my son. Therefore, this Mother of four, Aunt of many and Grandmother of 8 will always be known in my home and in my heart as Nana.

Thanks to everyone for your creative input and thanks to Nana for your great sense of humour.


Saucy said...

Oooh Nana, we lurrve you.

Yummers! said...

Nana... that's great! It rings of kindness, caring, and love. I had a Nanny when I was little that we called Nana. Sweet, sweet lady.
Happy weekend, Sassy!

Pam said...

your mom does seem to be an amazing Nana!!!