Santa Baby

My wonderful cousin Saucy ALWAYS has great ideas. Saucy can ALWAYS do anything she sets her mind to. The new and latest thing I now admire most about my dear cousin Saucy is that Saucy ALWAYS knows when to ask for help. I'll give you the details. Saucy spies a great knitted item. Saucy does not know how to knit this item and so Saucy asks her fellow bloggers to help her out with a proposed swap. Many responses. Not a wasted second. Brilliant brilliant Saucy.

Today is a great example of why some projects should be left to the experts.
I am trying to think of a creative family Christmas Picture that can actively involve all 3 kids with different capabilities. I decide that funny family winter toques would be fun. I dust off my nifty knitter and pack up the Sprout and off we go to stock up on hat yarn. Good thing I kept those instructions for the nifty knitter!

This is only a small sampling of what we purchased.....for some reason I thought it would take at least 2 balls per hat.

My nemesis in blue...

The Masterpiece!The Sprout loves his new hat! He thinks he looks fantastic so please don't tell him any different! I think he is smiling because I sat on the floor beside him chatting away all day making this work of art. The next time I see a Grandmother selling knitted items at a flea market I think I just might get down on my knees and bow at her feet! A good lesson learned today, you will ALWAYS be the master Saucy!


Pam said...

great hat good job!!
I wouldn't even attempt this!!

Saucy said...

Seriously! You MADE that hat from a blue thing? I am very impressed, beyond words. The Sprout seriously could rock any look he was given, but the hat is ad.or.ab.le.

Your words are too kind. I like to think that part of what makes me a bonafide Grrl Genius is that I know my limitations. Knitting and I never got along, since Brownie camp (shudder).

Anonymous said...

You are amazing Sassy-- love the hat and Sprout looks so cute in it!

Oliver Rain said...

That hat is actually pretty good. I would use it in the picture, if I were you. However, I will make the hats if you want. Check out the email I sent you today.

Yummers! said...

That is one cute Sprout in one cute hat. What a happy little guy!!

Pam said...

thanks for coffee the other day!
It was great shopping and chatting...i am off to buy the boots this week! Now that I want them I see everyone wearing them!

Anonymous said...

Love the santa hat I had never seen the hoops till Hailey showed me they are using them to make hats in Lizs room. I think you did a great job! Sorry I am missing out tomorrow painting calls.