Charming Party

My bags are packed and I'm ready to charm! The party starts at noon but I must get there early to set up. Here are a few of my contributions for the gals. A big THANKS to Cousin Saucy who was my partner in crime for this party. I love charming with The Master! I'll post final pics with of the day so keep watching!
These are my TOP SECRET charms. I scented and named the cupcakes vanilla Christmas Fluff and cinnamon swirl! The Gingerbread man's buttons are crystals!


Oliver Rain said...

They are absolutely adorable. I so wish that I could be there for the party! Alas, I'm home tidying up my disastrously messy house instead. Have fun!

Saucy said...

I will try to call you in the a.m. I have screwed up your telly #. I harassed a poor woman twice tonight so I guess I also have a touch of dyslexia as well as Aspergers.

We start at 1:00 so do you want to meet in the lounge at noon? Did you get my email about buckets??


misspro312 said...

I love those charms! I can't wait to see what the bracelets look like.

I wish I was crafty like you and Saucy!!

Pam said...

thanks for all your hard work!!
the party was amazing!!!!
I have made two more this evening!!!