Beans Birthday

I have two wonderful nieces. One niece I call Beans, why, I do not know. The poor thing. Its sad how nick names stick, usually only the ones you don't like! I think it started when she was first born, tiny as a bean but even I can't remember.

Beans loved McDReamy's Birthday Bash so much she too wanted her party at Yoda's restaurant too. Gracious Yoda said of course (and her Dad said OK too!) and the planning began.

The first part was easy, girls and lunch go together like charms and bracelets so........... a private table for us please!

Next the main event. Christmas Toggles. You may recall a special Halloween Toggle party that Saucy and I dreamt up this past October. Beans and had such a great time she thought a few of her gal pals would also enjoy a toggle-rific party. So I snatched a few ideas I have been working on for the Big Toggle Party and Swap later this month and presto - toggles in a bag for pre-teen gals. How Fun! Here are a few pictures of our process and final products!


Saucy said...

Happy Birthday to The Bean! Lurrve her name. Those bracelets are looking quite yummy! Methinks I can hardly wait for the grownup blogger party.

Yummers! said...

My daughter's niece is nicknamed Beans, too.

I think your toggle bracelet idea for a party is fantastic. I bet those girls loved making them... as the pictures show. Such fun! I should make one to wear each week when I volunteer in my friend's first grade classroom. The kids would love looking at it. Or a winter one would be neat with lots of snowmen, flakes, different blue beads, little mittens, etc.

Beans and I share a birthday. Mine was today too! And I was pampered from morning til night. My girls gave me a day (with them) at the Camelback Inn & Spa in Scottsdale.
Can't wait!
Wisconsin hugs,

Jerri-Lea said...

Happy day Bean! Ooooo, those bracelets look great! Can't wait to make mine. Even my husband was impressed with "my creation."