Big News!

Can you guess why The Sprout needs these items?

(Mommy is VERY excited!)

Please share your favorite teething tip!


Saucy said...

When they teeth they get upset tummies. My Granny told me to fill a bottle with lukewarm drinking water and drop in one of those giant white scotch peppermints. It will dissolve as they suck and the candy makes them burp a great big peppermint belch and they feel better. It's probably bad for their teeth being sugar and all - but that's what Granny did!

Anonymous said...

we used some homeopathic stuff in a blue glass bottle called "gripe water". pretty good stuff. also good for upset tummy etc. lots of time diaper rash occurs with teething and i never did try the arbonne stuff but i did like Dr. Boudreaux's butt paste. plus, you get to say butt paste. or as we say in our fam "biscuit" paste.

good luck with your new teething endevor!