1/2 of a Party!

The Sprout is 6 months old! Party Time!


1/2 sticks of celery, carrots and mini cucumbers in 1/2 calorie creamy dill dip
(I love the presentation on these...double dip away in YOUR OWN CUP!)


1/2 steak
1/2 crab stuffed salmon
roasted 1/2 potatoes and carrots
1/2 cob of corn
1/2 a serving of asparagus

Cheesecake - we don't mess with dessert in this house!

1/2 glass of wine or sparkling juice (refills free)

assortment of coffees and teas

Nana won $5 for being 1st to decipher the code. Don't forget to pay up McDreamy!

What a great party! After dinner Daddy treated us to slide show of the first 100 pictures of Foster's life put to music, I think it is that Beatles song...Beautiful Beautiful Boy.
The Sprout loved his party.......and even warmed up to Uncle Toddy by the end (a little). Don't worry Uncle Toddy take us in your boat and you'll win us over!


Anonymous said...

Happy 6 month birthday!
Hope to see you soon.
love kenadi

Jerri-Lea said...

Tooo cute! Happy 6 months little one! Maybe after Christmas when things slow down again, sometime in January, I can pop by and teach you a little baby sign?? I'll talk more to your Mommy about it on Sunday.

Saucy said...

Happy Half Birthday Lil' Sprout! We lurrve you. Uncle Toddy is a good guy, he just LOOKS like Uncle Jan!

Love, Aunt Saucy

Anonymous said...

Happy Half Year Baby: Love from all of us! What a cutie! xoxo the fan

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having fun with all those new chompers. Wish we could have come to the party. Don't worry sprout your auntie will make sure uncle Todd gives you lots of boats rides with your cousins..
Love Twinny

Yin said...

Your 1/2 party puts my full parties to shame! Great job!

Happy 6 months, Sprout!