april picnic

My family LOVES picnics.

If you know me well you will know that I NEVER will turn down a campfire and a hot dog. It must be the old camp wakonda teenage counsellor in me.

This was a special bar-b-Que...The Sprouts 1st of many at our local forestry farm just minutes away from our door step. The air was crisp, the hot dogs messy and the company perfect. My sister and the twins who live in Vancouver braved our cool Saskatchewan temperatures for a few eventful days including the picnic. It really feels like a family event when they are with us-it's never the same with out you guys! (move here hint hint)

I remember soooo many picnics as a little girl with my 2 brothers and sister- anlgin lake shore picnics, boat picnics, at the fire tower picnics, picnics at the old bridge, pike lake picnics, borden bridge picnics, rainy picnics wearing garbage bags, eagle creek picnics with grandma k and that's just to name a few-now look at us all with our own children. Wow.

McDreamy and I had a wonderful time on the tandem bike we rented for the kids. I could have pedalled all day singing "alloutee"! McDreamy was the captain and I was the rear admiral....seriously, he looked up the proper tandem terms when we got home. I highly recommend the bike for your next family function, it is guaranteed to bring out laughter and great memories!


Saucy said...

Only McDreamy would look up the vocabulary, that's why we lurrve him, too. The bike looks like fun! Can't wait to see the photo shoot!

We will also go to the Forestry Farm to have a hot dog with you and The Sprout any time, weather permitting ;) Maybe JL, Pam and the girls might want to come too! Or the whole charm bracelet brigade!

Anonymous said...

You may have to wait for a long time for us to move home, happy here where it is much warmer.....


Jerri-Lea said...

What great family traditions you are carrying on!!! We are SO in on the picnics this summer!
We have been telling CJ that we are packing picnic lunches this summer so that she can practice eating quicker. She needs to work on eating in the allotted time frame for full days at school. It takes the poor dear 45 minutes to eat half a sandwich, a glass of milk and a piece of fruit.
Here's hoping that warmer weather in on it's way... at least you didn't go for a picnic on Friday in the snow! teehee

Anonymous said...

Can you forward some on the pictures of the boys, from Nana's and picnic for me.