musical mommies

Every Wednesday morning The Sprout and I look forward to music class. We love the songs but the lollipop drum is The Sprouts favorite. It took us a while but he likes the shakers now too.
Here is a photo collage I made for our last class.
What is your favorite childhood rhyme or song?


Yummers! said...

I just laughed so hard about the Sprout and his drumming. And a class full of musical mommies... what a riot!

And a Tiffany ribbon around the toy's neck... so cute! I used to be into little blue boxes but now my girls are. Just think... someday the Sprout might be buying a little blue box for a girl.YOW!

Happy easter to all!

Niki said...

I love "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" to this day and I am 37!