Hoppy Easter Everyone!

The Sprout and I found matching rabbit hats from our new pal Sarah.
Her handmade items are full of sweetness and love!
Check out her great etsy store if you need a special little something for special little someone.


Jerri-Lea said...

The rabbit hat is CUTE, I'm making the girls crochet hats with a flower on them today. I've not been doing much, CJ has been out for 3 days with a fever off and on. Poor dear.

Oliver Rain said...

Sprout is absolutely adorable. Is he having a birthday soon?

Saucy said...

Yes he is! And Aunty Saucy is on board with the plans and she can hardly WAIT!

He is too too cute and he is a definite foot and leg man, as I found out today while he hung out under the table while Sassy and I hung out. He likes blue pedicures! On me, not him.

Lindsey said...

I love the hat! I just made Sarah's shop a favorite on Etsy!