Hello Houston

Houston was fun. We loved the city, the shopping, the people and the great restaurants like Good Company and the Adobe Cafe.
What did we do?
We stayed in our jammies to eat breakfast...

The weather was great, the Sprout and I enjoyed walking to the Container store (and using our 25% off coupon which you too can find on their website) only a few blocks away and then re hydrating and the Jamba Juice before trekking back to the hotel.
We also kept busy in our hotel room by playing with the drum sticks Yoda made us. I love these sticks. The Sprout banged on just about everything in that hotel room. Twice.

We also had a grand time shopping at The Galleria.

Sophie (The Sprout's Giraffe) made a new friend she can't wait to tell you about.


Saucy said...

We cannot wait to meet Sophie's friend! This is exciting.

Mmmmm.... Jamba Juice. Saucy lurrves Jamba Juice!

KAGS Herself said...

and all of a sudden the sprout loooks like a grown up boy! He's so lucky having drum sticks made just for him.

Jerri-Lea said...

Perhaps CJ could play guitar in The Sprout's band... CD also has some drums to bang on .. the Bee Bop Bug Band I think.
I'll have a look at next week... CD may come along for soup.