easter brunch

I love brunch.

Fruit, quiche, the wonderful aromas of fresh from the oven muffins and cinnamon buns, hot coffee and fancy drinks. Great company to visit with, my family from near and far, I love them all.

The Sprout ate his weight in strawberries and bran muffins sitting with Yoda while Sassy ate a hot meal and sipped a steamy tea....delightful day!

the menu....

sparkling pink grapefruit with star fruit

brie and maple ham quiche

broccoli and cheese quiche

hashbrowns au gratin

fresh fruit cups

cinnamon buns

Easter egg cookies


Anonymous said...

Did our invite get lost in the mail.......Twinny

Jerri-Lea said...

Looks fabulous!! I love those little flower bowls that you served the fruit in!Where'd you find them??
I've always thought that star fruit looks so fancy... we'll have to try it around here one day!

Lindsey said...

Your brunch looks Amazing! Next time, I don't mind crossing international borders for some of that deliciousness.

I can't believe I just found your comment on my blog, and I feel it is far overdue! Your trip to San Diego is fast approaching, and if you haven't got it all planned out yet you might want to try:
Sea World, the SD Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, the SD Children's Museum, Balboa Park, the Carlsbad Flower Fields (right by Legoland...also a cute strawberry picking stand nearby called U-Pick). Those are all big attractions, but would you like some more small scale ones?

Saucy said...

That looks like a fine and fantastic brunch and I see my fave Aunty H in there! She's just so foxy.

Leica said...

sounds like heaven,seriously!

Niki said...

I want to come to your brunches!