Unlce Tiffany

Sophie enjoyed Houston as well. She made a new friend at this store that brilliantly gives beautiful white ribbons to squirmy little boys and pretty giraffes so that Mommies can shop in peace. A big thanks to our new friend.....let's call him.... Uncle Tiffany, who divulged top secret information about the testing of the famous "c" clasp on Tiffany's jewelry (they tested them on volleyball players!)and dazzled us with his knowledge of sweet old Saskatchewan.
The Sprout visited Uncle Tiffany twice and received a ribbon each time. He gave his first ribbon to Sophie after soaking it thoroughly with his drool. Sophie didn't care, it looks fabulous on her both wet and dry. We are not exactly sure what happened to ribbon number 2.......it might have been an afternoon snack for the Sprout while Sassy ooooed and ahhhed over her self proclaimed brilliant idea to update her jewelry collection.
Sophie will model 2 styles of necklaces for you now dear readers. Please comment on which you find most stylish.
Style 1 - Short
Style 2 - LongBelow is a horrible picture of the Sophie's photographer modelling the long version. It is a lousy picture but it gives you an idea of lengths. Note the necklace could be worn with the clasps off centre slightly if possible. Do you think another layer of necklace is needed? Sophie and Sassy both agree that black might go well with the silver combination. What do you think readers? How are you wearing your necklaces.....short or long? Did you figure out how Sassy turned short and chic to long and lovely?


Saucy said...

One word: LURRVE! Did you attach the way we talked about? Saucy digs.

Hey, shoot me an email, I've killed my address box on the Mac and I have THE WORLDS BEST UTUBE LINK ever to send you. You.will.die.


Aspergertopia said...

They are gorgeous! I am assuming you bought two of the same necklace and attached them for long and lovely?

Oh. And I must comment on how big the Sprout is getting. He's turning into such a little man.

Jerri-Lea said...

Lucky you!! I have recently been wearing my Grandma's costume jewelry... it reminds me of her and I've got lots of compliments. She was a classy lady!

Dionne said...

What a great idea with the ribbon! What store was that?

And the necklaces are gorge! So pretty!