prepare preapre prepare

......the sprout mommy has been busy like never before so i thought i'd fill you in on whats been going on around here. one word.......cupcakes. mmmmmmm.

the cupcake queen herself was actually in this very home
she was really here. i know this because i remember the toes..oooo, those perfectly pedicured toes...mmmm....
too bad she covered them up with those super trendy slippers, i'm lucky i caught a glance at all. i know it was that veto who made her hide those perfect feet, guess he's scared of a little friendly competition. well veto, dust off your rabbit hat and we'll just see who gets saucy's kisses. game on brother.

(poor veto, he'll stand no chance once saucy sees me in my BRAND NEW SHARKIE SWIM TRUNKS! hmmm, i hope he doesn't already have a pair)


Jerri-Lea said...

My guess is that preparations are underway for the Sprout's birthday bash.
(Youe link for the cupcake queen sends us back here, tee hee. I always have to take a few tries to get that link to work.)

sassy studio said...

plannig is underway you betcha! i'lllet you know adate soon adnmy fingers are crossed that you guys can make it! i fixed the link, thanks for the tip!.....late night post, oopps!

Dionne said...

Ooooh cupcakes are one of my weaknesses. How fun!

Saucy said...

Sharkie trunks! Good thing Mommy and Aunt Saucy both have swimming pools! The Sprout will get lots of use out of them, to be sure! Hugs to you!

PS. I am going ahead with that super-amazing-crazy blogiversary celebration I was telling you about! The entire family has been brainstorming it! HUGE!