broken bed

Notice anything crooked?
(hint, it is not my lack of photography skills this time!)
Look at the bottom of the crib.......

I heard a thump about half way through nap time and saw this.
Poor sleeping beauty was all crunched up in the corner trying to sit up.
The new angle gave quite the ab workout.
Once awake it was time to fix the broken wheel-the screw inside the wheel had snapped. Time to email our friends at Stokke to see if anyone else had this problem.
Time to start thinking about a new bed.....

Check out MADE to see her tutorial on how to make great sheets.
I made all but one set of the the sheets for this oval crib when I found out they were $45 for a single fitted sheet! We have puppies and kitties and cows and dots to name a few. I just traced the mattress added about 3 inches, folded and pinned. A few sewing machine fights later-done! MADE's tutorial is much better than my quick description but tracing a pattern is not all that tricky and can save a ton of money.


Jerri-Lea said...

Oh dear! Glad that the Sprout wasn't hurt! Of course get on the phone to the crib people!!! They should in the very least send you a replacement to fix it at no charge!
We just recently talked about a transition for the Sprout too. Guess you'll be big bed shopping soon.

photojoy said...

Wow, you must have been so surprised. It was good that he wasn't hurt. Maybe he's growing day by day and he needs a bigger one?

Anonymous said...

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