RSVP here!

Blogging will be on hold for a short time...we've got a party to plan!
RSVP here in the tidbits section and stay tuned for party details!
I'll reveal a few details every few days just for fun.
Check your inbox for invites, paper copies ordered are late! ugg!


Jerri-Lea said...

We wouldn't miss the opportunity to celebrate The Sprout's birthday ... AND create at the same time, perfect! girlsgitterngiggles party of 4

Saucy said...

See you there! Play-Doh cupcakes in hand! Well, not actual Play-Doh cupcakes... but you know what we mean!

Saucy, Loopy and The Fan

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite! Jacob will be there on time but Hannah has a dance recital until 4 so we will have to arrive late :(. Krista has already said that she would keep an eye on Jacob for me!! Looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Wish we lived closer so we could come! Love to see your little guy grow up online. So cute! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite - Owen and his Daddy will be there on time. Tracy is at work that day but should be able to come around 4.

- Tyler B.

Leica Forrest said...

we WILL be there! and we cannot wait. my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE playdoh. we make it all the time. What a wicked idea chantelle!

Erin said...

We just got your invite, thanks for thinking of us! Lucy and I will be there. Check your inbox for an email from us, we have some exciting news!!

Erin and Lucy

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for the invite. Scotty and I would love to come help celebrate Foster's Birthday!

Laura :-)

Anonymous said...

Scotty, Trevor, and I will be there with bells on! Thanks for doing all this. Sharon is awesome!!!!!!