party secrets final update

Scrap Fabric & Chalkboard Banners
I spied these banners on etsy ages ago. I used chalk board oil cloth so that I can wipe it off and use it again and again. This project took less than an hour. If you can zig zag you can do it!

This one was easy, I just had to keep my eyes peeled for sales and pails.
I whipped these up during nap time today. Unfortunately the popper woke my little prince up after only an hour into his usual 2-2.5 hour sleep. The treats were made so he helped me clean up the floor. Super quick and tasty, good thing I made extra, I've already eaten my weight in candy corn!

Water Bottles
Simple, easy and a good way to keep track of your drink!
The count down is on. Thank goodness Aunt Saucy is making the cupcakes! It's one less thing to have to think about while I try to re-plan the party as an inside party thanks to the snow forecast. I wonder if my guests will be brave enough to swim in the snow!


bamemories said...

I had to give my kids a sneak preview of what you have in store for them. It gives them something to look forward to after our walk for Diabetes in this not so agreeable weather. They are so, so, so excited! And so am I! See you tomorrow!

mlafayette said...

Your party looks amazing! Everyone will end up having a great time indoors or out...


Jenn said...

Everything looks so fabulous! And what a party it will be!!!

I wish we could be there to join in the celebrations, but a long time ago - this Mom (me) promised a certain little classical music lover (Monkey Moo) an afternoon at the symphony (classics for kids).

Can't wait to hear about all the delicious details :)

Happy Birthday Foster!

Leica Forrest said...

Sassy, the kids had a fabulous time!!!THANKS for the invite, and the party was amazing, food so yummy, and of course your party planning skills are to die for. Tell your hubby that the boys simply thought your mats were the coolest games.

We love our times at the Fourney household!!!!

Jerri-Lea said...

Thanks for a fun afternoon! Your parties are always the best!! Great job on all of it!! CD loved the huge tubs of play-doh when we arrived!

Grace said...

Wow I just caught up on your adorable party! Too cute. I loved everything...Grace

Dionne said...

HOw fun! LOVE the details!

the treat girl said...

I totally can't believe how fun your play-doh party is!!? I threw one for Cubby when he was was a blast!!! All the mom's thought I was nuts letting them all play with playdoh...but we only had 5 kiddos and I got them each their own playdoh duffle bag with gadgets and tools in it....what fun!