Party Secret #4

Special Day

Special Shirts!

The pieces for this project fell into line like it was a fashion statement meant to be!
First a coupon in the mail for 50% off of T-shirt transfers.
Second, a sale for 40% off of already reduced t-shirts in four perfect sizes.
( the sale was a tthe GAP amonth ago, the most I paid was $3.50 and that was for the smallest shirt! I also found one shirt at M's for $3.25)
Third, easy as pie project completed in a fraction of a nap time.

Four shirts took me less than an hour and I think I could do it even quicker next time! If you haven't tried a t-shirt transfer I highly recommend it for special projects. Images could easily be transferred onto bags, aprons or hats.
OK, they may not be project runway worthy but can you say dorky family photo opp! (I am a dork and proud!)


Jerri-Lea said...

I was also thinking of making a special shirt for the Sprout but the whole family in matching shirts is much better. Great job! I made custom shirts for our trip to Disney, so much fun!! And the pictures of us all together look great... well when we weren't cuddled in our sweaters from the cold.

mlafayette said...

I made a custom shirt for my son with his name on it. His name is Dolan so I figured he would never find items with him name on it. The shirt turned out o.k. but I ironed the D on backwards. he he he. He still wears it but he is two so figure he will never know the difference :)


Leica Forrest said...

I love fabulously dorky photo ops! my kids will also attend your event matchy matchy! all for the sake of prosperity!lol

Anonymous said...

Sorry we can't be at Foster's party! Happy Birthday Foster!

Aiden and Lisa