Party Secret #1- a hotdog bar!

I love parties.
I can't wait to tell you all the fun I am having planning this 2nd birthday party! I'll give it to you slowly, one secret at a time until the big day.
I love hot dogs. All the time. Over an open fire are my favorite but BBQ hot dogs are a very close second.In university I was once called a wolverine because I inhaled a hot dog very very quickly. Granted it was after a very long night of dancing and it was 2 in the morning. What can I say, 2 in the morning is a very long time away from supper.
Dancing aside, I have decided to set up a hotdog bar for the birthday party. Various beef and veggie dogs are a must but I am struggling just a little with toppings.

Here is my list so far, see what you can add!
(feel free to include both kid friendly and adult toppings)
1. hot melty liquid cheese, not even the home made kind. The kind that is so good but sooo bad!
2. bacon
3. hot peppers
4. onions (sauteed or raw?-I'm not an onion person)
5. salsa
6. ketchup
7. mustard
8. relish


Anonymous said...

Oh, you MUST have some good German sauerkraut to top those dogs!

jkddz said...

what about the option for a Chilli Dog... never had one but, it is a popular option =)

bamemories said...

My vote is for raw onions...sauteed onions are better for hamburgers, but hot dogs go best with raw. Also, you MUST have dijon adds such a great kick to the dog. When I lived in France, they only served dijon with their dogs! Oh and is this truly an invitation for anyone...Dale is gone that weekend for a golf tourney and I was looking for something to do with the kids...they LOVE birthday parties!

Saucy said...
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bamemories said...

Hi Sassy,

I lost your e-mail address, so e-mail me at and I'll send you mine and Steve's addresses (too paranoid to post them here!) I'll be up north fishing this weekend, but will be back Monday night...if we don't greet you for the invitation, we'll keep our eye in the mailbox. Thanks!

Megan said...

Chili is a must. Yummy! And shredded cheese too. I say both sauteed and raw onions. Great list!

Leica Forrest said...

we are a onion sauteed family. and your list looks like it covers anything we choose!can't wait!!!