mommy day

I wish I could have had a photographer follow me around today as I spent the morning with my son.
Just us, Mommy and son.
A truly beautiful day and I soaked up every hug and kiss and "Mommy" that I could squeeze into my heart.
Mommy, I think it is my favorite word.
We started the day with breakfast with Grandpa.
Hot coffee, raspberries and good conversation. Perfect.
Then we did a little thrift store browsing, Walmart snooping and crane admiring.
We also went down to help with the community garden again today but by the time we got there the workers had stopped for lunch. (no tractors='s boring dirt)
Instead we came home and rode 4 different bikes around the pool about 100 times, played catch, soccer and hockey. And then we did it ll again, 5 times, maybe 6.
Thanks goodness for lunch. We were both starving.
Peanut butter and honey on fresh ciabatta bread and two tall glasses of ice cold milk.
Then my little angel with a full tummy took 2 books off his shelf and led me to the potty. A gift in itself as any mother of an almost 2 year old would know.
After a successful trip to the potty we snuggled up on the chair in his room. I closed my eyes, he closed his eyes. The best gift I ever could have wished for was in my arms fast asleep. I smiled and cried (and willed my husband to come home so I could get him to take 1000 photos).
I didn't get any pictures of my day today but my heart is so full it doesn't even really matter.
My little boy is sleeping and when he wakes we will host a dozen people for supper tonight which I will have lots of pictures to share.
Our special day will continue but in a different way.
I am so lucky to be a Mommy-what a gift it is.

(here is a sample of my wall art in the dining room tonight- think grade 2 Kleenex with large napkins!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy:
You are the best Mommy ever! I loved the day with you too. Daddy helped me type this on the keyboard. He says he thinks you're an awesome Mommy too!
Love Foster

sassy said...

thank you Daddy and Foster
Mommy loves you both more than words!

Jerri-Lea said...

Oh, if your phone was in reach I would have popped in to snap pictures of the two of you napping!! How precious! I wish CD would stay still long enough to fall asleep in my arms! She's a busy one. You'll have to see some of our other photos from Mother's Day!