mommy day update

update......even though this little boy has gifted me enough....

My dear, sweet husband also bought me this! His name is Sunny and he is from BC (thanks Uncle Derele for going all the way to get it! xox)Sunny is an 82 VW Westy Camper Van with a pop up top that sleeps 4 people. (or 8 hippies!)
More pictures to follow-I was too excited to nail even one decent shot!

Technically it is mine but handsome thinks it is his bus, just ask him! He hops in the drivers seat sends the adults to the back to "sit" and is asked proclaims we are going to:

1. Mc Donald's.
2. Pa's.
3. Booster Juice.
Our first road trip is later this month, keep posted!
Pictures might be a bit as we had to drop it off to day for new door handles and a gas gauge that works.....


Jerri-Lea said...

Looking forward to meet Sunny!

Niki said...

That camper SWEET!
Can't wait to see pics from the road.

PamJ said...

how fun! that is something that will make TONNES of memories :)

Bamm-ela said...

OMGoodness. I've always thought your life seemed quite charmed. And now I know it for SURE. You are the proud new owner of my DREAM VEHICLE!!!! In my FAVOURITE colour no less!!! Congrats to you and happy belated Mom's Day! Great Moms deserve great treats. Enjoy!