Party Secret #3

What do you see when you see these?

I see my Dad's brilliance.

For weeks I have hunted for child size chairs and stools for two super great vintage school tables. Where have all the wooden child chairs in this world (specifically, Saskatchewan) gone? I've garage saled, checked with old schools, stalked stores and even posted adds online. 4 months=2 chairs. Not great. Time to get creative. Time to visit the problem solving expert.

On Sunday my Dad surprised Foster and I with a trip to flea market heaven. A little trick he's been saving for a rainy day and trip that was perfect for us.

I think I want to go back just to ride in the elevator again, even the building was vintage!

7 seats for $40 bucks. Great wooden boxes I can't wait to re-purpose in my studio and home after the party. Yup, these sturdy and smooth beauty's will stay as is and are the perfect height for 2 year old bottoms.

Vintage tables-check.

Vintage stools-check.


Kari said...

Oh my:-) where is this market!!!
I have been searching for a Coke crate for ever to store scrapbooking items. The only place so far is on etsy but at $30 each it was going to get pricey.

That has to be the coolest find, I'm not a garage/flea market gal but you may have just convinced me to start!

Kari said...

Thanks for the invite... I will run it by Damon&Danica =) they love playing with little kids... they miss they the daycare being in the house!
Good luck finding more crates ;)

Jerri-Lea said...

We all want to know where Pa is hiding this great place flea market location!! The girls were thrilled with the Sprout's delivery! The invites are SO cute!