I've had fabric on my mind lately.
Fresh spring fabric patterns.
Fresh spring fabric ideas!
As a gal pal and I visited one day she twisted a twirled a tiny piece scrap fabric into a beautiful flower...and quickly gave her sweet daughter the credit for the creation idea. (way to go my little artist!)
Well one good idea and a few days later and ta da!
Wouldn't this be a fun idea for Mother's Day gift or a great activity for a girls birthday party. Hey, even my gal pals would love to sit around and make a new piece of jewelry as we sip kool aide and snack on sushi! The rings are also quick enough to make you could make a few during nap times!
I think fabric flower kits might be a fresh idea.....
Leave me a comment and let me know what you think-leave your email address too and I'll have my little artist friend pick names from a hat so we can send out a kit to two lucky people.
Be Fresh!


Sheryl said...

Love these rings. :) I am a sucker for fabric. The "springier" the feel of the fabric the more fun these rings will be.

Kristy said...

Super cute! I'd like to include these flowers on a scrapbook page. Wouldn't that look great?!!!

Jenn said...


I so love the fabric flower headbands I`ve seen! But a ring...ingenious!

I would love to get my fingers around one of those :)

Thanks for adding some fresh in the midst of such dull weather!

Erin said...

Ooooh, I could add those little bundles of fun to the hair clips I'm making for that's fresh!

Thanks for the great idea!

Saucy said...

Hmmm this looks intriguing... perhaps what we might be discussing on Friday at lunch?

Anonymous said...

Those are great. My girlfiend would love those rings. She is so into fabric flowers>
What a great idea!!

Tam said...

Very cute idea - where do you find the ring "blanks" - I was thinking of making some button rings and wasn't sure where to find them.

PamJ said...

Aw so cute and a sweet idea :)
My email is on my profile...
'be fresh' that's a great salute too.

Megan said...

How cute! I love the kit idea! And Tam - I think you can get some at Michaels, but that's in the States. I'm not sure what they have up North.

My email is in my profile :)