bean tipi

My Dad is helping me with a garden
this summer. My very first.
Thanks to a very wet spring the seeds were a little late getting in but it didn't stop us! We love to "check" on our garden, this day last week the three of us had fun watering the plants and our hair!
My Little Sprout loves beans. He's loved them from the moment he was ready for people food and the magic bullet soon became my best friend. I love fresh beans too.
The garden has tons of beans planted. We are even trying to get creative with our beans.
Thanks to the great engineering of Pa, we are attempting a bean tipi! Fun to play in and fun to eat! I have no idea if the beans will grow tall enough......I'll post updates. Bean experts out there feel free to offer any advice!


photojoy said...

I'm not an expert but wanted to drop a line to say growing vegetables is definitely a great talent and makes us feel so blessed. A nice way to feel the nature so close. I wish I had a little bit of this talent. Nice post.

Cheerific said...

My garden was put in late as well as we've had more rain the past 2 months than we've had in the past year total! The wetness has been great since I haven't had to water very often. I'm just hoping everything grows enough to actually eat since its my first gardening experience as well. I like the bean tipi. If yours works I'll have to try it out next year!