the best party secrets revealed

That's how many pictures I took at my son's birthday on Sunday.
Good thing I knew a photographer was coming!
photography students need cash.
Parents like pictures.
Find student (or friend), give cash, get a CD full of amazing stress free pictures!
BONUS.....MOM (me) is even in them!
LAST not really a tip. I need your help here readers. I had a fabulous time and it seemed like everyone pitched in and that made it even more fun. Foster, (who wants to live in his Spider man PJ's now, while listening to allergies by the BNL's) is taking forever to open his gifts because each time he opens one he loves it so much we spend the rest of the day with it/in it/doing it.
Please tell me your favorite way to say thank you. A thank you that is sincere and heartfelt and maybe even involves a two year old.
What are your favorite kind of thank yous?
(until I get some ideas, thank you to everyone who came. Foster had a great time and everyone was so well behaved! What a lucky family we are to have so many nice people in our lives!)


Sweet T said...

i think it was on your blog i saw the most amazing thank you's.
the trio of pictures of him opening each gift and that was the thank you card. i loved that idea!

Dionne said...

I think that personalized thank-you's are best. Instead of sending everyone the same card, I like it when people send different cards to different people, specifically catered to their personality or taste.