rainy afternoon

Are you a picker or a looker?
As a little girl my parents made it clear that nature was to be respected. Picking flowers was never even an option. I can clearly remember my Dad discussing with me if I would I would rather everyone enjoy the flower or to pick it just for my own enjoyment. The good old parent guilt trip technique began early in my household, but it also helped me develop a good moral conscious at an early age. To this day I prefer flowers in a field to ones in a vase. Is that odd?Foster isn't interested in picking flowers yet altough we do stop to smell them many times a day. We are also busy planting our first garden!
It's no surprise this, The Tiny Seed, is one of his favorite books right now, we love Eric Carle around here!

I had to snap a few pics as he was "reading" he told me this was "Daddy" and the girl was "Mommy". It made me smile to think thats how he sees his Mommy and Daddy.....friends with a certain extra sparkle in their eyes.......


the treat girl said...

We love Eric Carle too!! By the way....the cookbook for Cubby's teacher was a huuuuge success!!! She looooved it and cried! A lot more work than it looked...but it was wonderful! In my next life I'd love to come back as a kindergarten teacher too :)

Anonymous said...


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