happy water baby with land loving parents

Do you see gills on this little boy?
Look hard, I can't find them but they MUST be there somewhere!
We love the water around this house. We swim in the morning, afternoon, evening and every minute in between.
Water baby featured above loves to jump in, float on his back and "hide" under the water all by himself. We play ring around the rosie, chop, chop, timber and pop goes the weasel every spare second we have.
These photos by Justin were crazy awesome and really captured the "being two and having fun" feeling.
What a great way to celebrate and remember being 2!
(Justin says there's even more great shots to come soon! Can't wait!)


Jerri-Lea said...

Those are awesome!! They really capture your summer fun!! Can't wait to see more. The Sprout looks at home under the water.

Jenn said...

Those pictures are so much fun! Can`t wait to see more!

Happy Summer!

Justin @ JG Photography said...

Hey Chantelle! I CAN'T WAIT to show you the rest of the pictures that we got! It is going to be a ginormous post (currently planned for Wednesday June 30th, 7:30am).

I had such a blast with you and your family. Foster is one of the most awesome kids I've met, sooo much fun! And you guys and your V-dub were amazing.

Can't wait to share more with you guys soon. You have an amazing and beautiful family!

Kari said...

so funny you should post about underwater shots! I have been searching for a case for wither Danica or my camera.... I have been wanting some underwater shots for a long time.....


the treat girl said...

The smiles on The Sprouts face are just priceless!!!!

oliver rain said...

These are gorgeous photos. You are such a beautiful family. Sprout is growing up so quickly.

Cheerific said...

These are great shots!!!

I just wanted to drop in and say thank you for the lego charm you sent! I'll be busy putting the bracelet all together today :)