easy summer supper

Love these chips!
They dressed up a hot dog dinner and even pleased a picky eight grader!
I recommend them with hummus for a perfect after noon snack. I like to eat veggies with hummus too, but only in summer, that's not strange is it?

Sunday's are typically family swim and supper day around here. I have to admit that last year I tried pretty hard to make nice suppers,they were very well received but still, very time and energy consuming. This year I'm taking it easy and spending more time in the pool instead of the kitchen.
Last night we feasted on hot dogs roasted over an open fire, hummus, veggies and pita chips. I made a pitcher of iced coffee and used Saucy's idea for cucumber infused water.

Supper was delightfully easy and the best part-----I swam all afternoon, ate and then swam more!


Jerri-Lea said...

Mmmm, those chips are great with hummus! The girls and I live on hummus, veggies, fruit and smoked gouda in the summer!!

the treat girl said...

Those chips are terrific with the Tatziki dip (greek cumcumber yogurt dip) they have at Costco too! And I agree.....scale it back and enjoy yourself!!

Niki said...

I fully support more time in the pool, less in the kitchen. It's summer, for goodness' sakes!