Huggies® Jeans Diapers Hit the Streets!

This is cute but creating some controversy of course.

Pre-baby I would never have found this amusing but now it makes me laugh!

I'd stock up for my boy but he is more of a gotch man these days except for naps, bedtime and when he's having too much fun outside!

Anyone have any good tips for keeping my shoes/jeans/face dry? With no fire hose of my own I'm not quite sure how to teach aim while sitting. We are doing the touch your toes and it seems to work but I am open to better ideas!


Jerri-Lea said...

No ideas here, sorry! CD is now potty trained and has packed up her Pull-ups for a baby!! (A friend's baby)

Sheryl said...


I wish I could give you some great words of wisdom...but I can't. My 2 boys (ages 6 & 8) still have an aim problem. :) They try but sometimes "it just gets away" on them, or so they tell me. I have one sitter and one stander. All I can tell my sitter is to try and keep it tucked, my stander I remind him to aim for the hole in the bottom of the potty. When we were still in the potty training stage I would just stand back, hope for the best and teach them how to clean up any mishaps.:)

Anonymous said...

Try putting a cheerio in the water and have him aim for that.

S. Bishop

Saucy said...

Just to clarify, Stephanie means the cereal type of Cheerios. It works.