nice niece

Each picture was great with this pretty very first niece. She's pretty, smart and great with kiddos. No pressure doing this shoot-she just came from winning the photography award for her school.......a HUGE school with a gigantic cool photography studio and lab.She's just really fun. Her escort is an awesome guy too. He laughed and joked for an hour in a dusty construction site risking life threatening injuries while clearing plastic off barbed wire fences so we could get the perfect shot.
I loved being out doing something nice for my sweet niece.

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Justin said...

awesome shots, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun. and you definitely have an artistic eye. I can't wait to see how your photography will continue to grow and develop!
JG Photography

P.S. - just over 6 more hours until your blog post is up with pics from our awesome session! :D