RSVP for Family BBQ HERE!

What's this, another party?
But this one is a
daycare family Bar-B Que
Sounds like tons of fun doesn't it! I can't wait!
We are so lucky to have met Share-Owen (as Foster calls her).
She has opened her home and her heart for us and we will be forever full of thanks.
This Bar-B-Que is just a little way we thought we'd say
Hmmm, notice the cute bracelet. It's super fun to make.
It took just a few minutes.
I'll give you a play by play on how I made mine on Monday.
( Martha has a tutorial, check it out here if you can't wait)
But for now it's invite arranging and BBQ planning.
I sure hope Fosters buddies will make it!

(daycare families, just below is where where you tell me if you can come or not. Please tell me how many in your family to expect. Now let's hope for great weather!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Chantelle, what wonderful invitations and a great idea. Unfortunately its soccer night on Thursdays. So Erin cannot make it. I will be praying the weather holds out!! Thanks for the invite.

Kerrie Hryniuk (Erin's mom)

Anonymous said...

Scotty, Trevor, and I will be there with bells on! Thanks for doing all this. Sharon is awesome!!!!!!


Lynne and Ken said...

Finlay, Ken and I will be there. Thanks so much for doing this, what a great idea!