Fathers Day 2010

I love Father's Day.

Maybe it's because I have hands down the best Dad ever. My Dad has raised me to believe in myself, to always work a little harder than you think you can and to wear my heart on my sleeve. Oh, I 've had broken hearts from wearing my heart on my sleeve, gotten in over my head on a project or two and doubted my strength at times but that's just when my Dad appears to help me out. I'd be lost with out him. Really lost.

Even now that I am a Mom, my Dad is still teaching me. He compliments me on my parental patience, let's me know that I have too many rules and spoils my son and I rotten with his time. Time. That is the best lesson a parent can ever pass onto a child turned parent. Time. The best lessons or gifts my Dad has ever shard with me all come down to one very important lesson....his time.

My husband is an amazing Daddy. His best daddy quality is making time for us.

He sneaks home early and ofter arrives just in time for meetings, appointments and clinics because he wants to squeak in an extra bite of cereal with us.

I love Father's Day because I get to spend it with the 2 best Dad's I know!

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Jerri-Lea said...

TIME! You've got it, that is the best gift anyone could ask for.
(You should have called me today! I would have "pop"ped over to give you a hand with craft. Hope it all worked out!!)