Moi!...a Published Author!

July 25th 2008
By Daryl & Chantelle...

This may very well be the coolest thing I have done all week! I also think I am addicted to making books now! It took a few late nights but I have created 2 masterpieces that will surely make the New York best sellers list very soon! Look out lucky family members....guess what you will be getting for Christmas!

Hmmm, now what else can I publish a book about? The ideas are spinning through my head like fresh candy floss! I am already planning to treat myself to a Blog book once I hit 100 posts! I am hoping cousin Saucy will make a blog book of all her blogs, I will be first in line to order one!

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Saucy said...

I've heard about this but not tried it yet! My friend MonQ and I have a plan to publish the emails we've been sending to each other for years... someday!