Can You Guess What This Is?

I'll give you a makes the water go down in this...

OK, it's a pool pump! Mc Dreamy left me a note this morning asking me to take it out of the pool at noon because the pool boy (featured below- I did ask his permission to blog his photo and gave him a blog card. I'm that he will be a regular visitor now! He he.) was coming to close the pool...sigh

..summer days are gone.

I guess leaving for Florida in 8 hours somewhat dulls the pain but I will really miss the happy pool sounds and family bar-b-ques and of course the hotdogs!

Look out Disney World (or land I can never seem to get which is which straight) here we come! I am lusting after pink Mickey ears like you wouldn't believe!

Stay tuned for funny Florida photos! Be back soon!


Saucy said...

Have a wonderful time in FL and don't forget to print out that bossy email I sent you telling you where to go and what to do! Take lots of pictures of The Sprout!

Pam said...

have a great trip!
And yes, it is a Sheila photo!!
I am making one of your blurb books with her photos right now!
See you at Splurge next month...