September Bar B Que

We had a wonderful family BBQ on Sunday.

My big brother came over with his boys for a swim, hot dog roast and to fool around in the sport court. I love his company but I also love the treats he brings........oh the perks of having a family member in the hair care industry! McDreamy got a new and wonderful smelling hair product that makes me swoon!

Yoda jokingly wore a toque into the pool and got a good laugh out of everybody.


Anonymous said...

Sigh. That must be one of the last pool days of the season. My little nephew, the Sprout, is getting better looking by the day - but that brother-in-law of mine...the toque in the pool...very 'Bob and Doug McKenzie' don't you think?!?!? xoxo the fan

Anonymous said...

I guess my invite to the family barbecue must have gotten lost in the mail....twinny

Saucy said...

When are you closing the pool? Ours is over tomorrow. It's getting too cold for me, I am such a pansy.