Baking with a Purpose

Friends are coming over today! OH Goody! A reason to bake!
I started with the Frenemie's secret recipe for puffed wheat cake...
Added a few dozen chewy cherry chocolate chip cookies with pink m and m's in (support of breast cancer I think the pink makes them extra tasty!)...

Ta Da! Displayed them nicely...

and...AHHH! Stop! THIEF! Catch her! She's running away with my baked treasures!

Oh wait! It's my good friend M. Who knew she had such a sweet tooth! Good thing I baked extras! I'm thrilled she liked my creations and I am proud she's going to share them with her 2 princesses at home. What would be better than finding a pink chocolate chip cookie in your lunchbox after a hard morning of grade 4 or grade 6. Enjoy girls!

Here are two more princesses who seemed to enjoy a swim and a snack. Both of these little ones were on their best behaviour with their Dad tonight. They swam, ate and played like two of the best behaved little dollies I have ever seen! Be proud Mom and Dad, I can't wait for next summer to invite you over again!

And now...I am enjoying my delicious hostess gift from J. Honey and garlic roasted chips...what a great blogging snack! Thanks J, I'll trade you cookies for these chips any day!

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