Think Princess Pink!

Gretel's Birthday party is on the Spout and I zipped around town picking up things we needed to begin the princess cupcakes. I can remember my Grandma K spending hours making me a princess cake...I think she would be proud! Mc Dreamy helped out by pulling off the tails and wings of my princesses so they would stand nicely, a nice boy job for him. He also gave the Sprout a bath while I did up dos on the girls so their hair wouldn't fall into the icing, don't you just love the little crown clip!

I just love this picture of the looks like they are on stage ready for a show! It is actually the top shelf of my freezer! Dance away the night gals!


Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes are beautiful, they will be a big hit at the party! Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chantelle the cupcakes turned out beautiful she is going to have such a great b-day, have fun.

Saucy said...

Those dolly cupcakes are soooo sweet, you outdid yourself! Gretel will be thrilled.

Dyan said...

People should read this.