Jumping Jellybeans!

Here is our special treat! The Sprout has been such a joy lately and loves to hop hop hop on his Mom's lap, in front of the mirror, on stools, tables, beds or any other surface known to man! The "Jumpy Jumpy" as we call it takes a little practice getting in and out of but is proving to be a wonderful treat for us both.

Saucy, you were on the right track with the online shopping idea.......definitely would have been in the cards had Mc Dreamy not spoiled me in Carmel when he agreed to just pop into Tiffany's for a second. Words my true love spoke to me that I will never forget...." why don't you try on both the bracelet and the necklace..." And not one but two little blue boxes followed me home that special day and we are all living happily ever after!

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Saucy said...

Wheee! Veto says that to me ALL the time, as in... last time we were at "The Mother Ship" he said, "get that ring in both sizes, so when your hands are swollen up you can still wear it!" Yes, he did. And I wear them both!