Sweet Sweet Minnie!

One word......MAGICAL! Disney was the most well organized, clean, tidy, warm, friendly and fun place I have ever been. I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoyed our family trip in one simple blog so I will spread it out into 10 posts of my top 10 magical moments in Florida.
Here is Magical Moment number one........Sweet, Sweet Minnie. You are just as kind and gentle as I remember your voice in your cartoons as you help the Sprout with his hat he chose to wear just in case he ran into you and Mickey today. You are every bit as sweet in person as you are in your show. You have forever captured my heart.......and the Sprouts too- he can't take his eyes off of you!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the upcoming posts about your 10 most magical moements. Thanks again for the great tips!! I am going on the hunt for matching shirts in the next few days. Nic

Anonymous said...

Yoy guys looked like you had so much fun!!!