3 Generations of Fourney's and a Cute Little Pumpkin!

Today we had to say goodbye to Grandpa and Maimie. We wore our warm and cozy pumpkin outfit we bought in Florida for the occasion, it is cold and rainy here today. Yoda said the pumpkin suit looks dorky but he didn't waste a second cuddling this cute little pumpkin as Mommy had lunch with the girls at his restaurant this afternoon. Unfortunately the chef was off for the day so we will have to work on stealing the borscht recipe another time.

The Sprout received a very special cup today from his Great Grandpa in Ontario. Here is a picture of 3 generations of Fourney boys and the shiny cup. Thank you great Grandpa! Mom has made a special spot in my room for the cup.


Saucy said...

That is one GREAT pumpkin!

Anonymous said...

cute pumpkinain!

oxo nana!