Toggle Trouble

Thanks to my creative cousin Saucy I have toggles on the brain! It started with Saucy's idea of Halloween toggles - what a great gift for sweet teen cousin and niece. 2 Scary Halloween toggles to go please! Then I thought that Gretel would love a new piece of jewelry to wear to her birthday party on Saturday - how fun. As I was sizing Gretel's bracelet I remembered that I have a pre-teen niece with a birthday just around the corner, I'll put a K on hers for a personal touch. I just can't resist the little balloon and present charms! Let's make that 2 birthday toggles......oops 3, I just talked to N who has a daughter with a birthday on Sunday...I know that N's daughter would love a little bling to twirl with on her big day! Wheh. 6 toggles in one day! I can't wait to share these latest creations! Thanks Saucy!


Saucy said...

Can we get together to do some toggling? I have gathered some pieces but I need some assembly help, jewelry bits aren't my thing, they're The Secret Weapon's thing. I seem to have gathered some of the same goodies as you... hmmm.... we do shop in the same hot spots!

Beautiful Insanity said...

Hello My Dear Sassy,
i miss you all so much and so does my mom
i think that maybe distance is our biggest advantage
it brings us closer. but i miss you all so much sometimes its unbarable.
i loved the bracellet it was beautiful thank you so much.
i hope yhou enjoyed my gifts i sent you.
love you and miss ya lots
xox- beautiful insanity (morgan)