Halloween Mice Come to Visit!

Thanks to cousin Saucy we now have mice at our house too! I am so happy to have these little friends visit us for Halloween! I put them up late tonight and can't wait to see Gretel's expression as she spies them tomorrow morning!

Cousin Saucy said hers were from the Martha Collection and might be a little more rat-ish and professional-ish. I just made mine out of black foam from Michael's (I didn't use paper because I know these little cuties will get "petted" a fair amount by the kids) and it cost me less than $3. I know 2 boys in Manitoba who would just love to have these little darlings to surprise them!

By the way Saucy McDreamy allowed me to quickly run into Micheal's today while uttering, "I bet Saucy NEVER makes Veto go into Micheal's!" I made sure he was well watered and fed (thanks to Yoda's restaurant) where did I go wrong Saucy......HELP!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sassy I am up late as well trying to get smile box to co-operate. Love the mice!!! Found some cute monster cupcakes on martha today can I make them for the party on Sun. See you Wed. Glad to hear you are up and running.

Saucy said...

Ha! Poor McDreamy. Guess what happened in all my toggling prep this week? I called Veto on his cell and BEGGED him to pick me up some modeling clay (you will see why in the morning) and would he just go into Michaels, just this once for me, to which he replied: "You know how much I hate Michaels" but he turned the Jeep around and off he went and came back with three times as much as I'd asked for... where did we find these guys?

sassy studio said...

You mean he went into Micheals by HIMSELF!? OOooo! I can't wait to tell McDreamy about this! Sorry Veto, the cats out of the bag now!