Perfect Packaging!

And I puffed and I puffed and......

I bleeeeew the bag up!

I had a few minutes before hitting the gym to pack up Oliver Rain's Zombie Jar! I was terrified to attempt to send a glass jar in the mail until I found this!

I am not embarrassed at all to tell you I was at liquidation world twice in the same day and found this treasure for only 4o cents on a second walk through, it was a blue ticket item and half off of course! Well, it was just what I needed and seemed to work quite well for the Zombie jar.......time will tell! If it works my cousin Saucy and I will have to stock up for future swaps! It will have to wait until tomorrow to hit the mail though, The Sprout and I are off to get fit and then off to the dump with Yoda! Fun Fun! Yes, it is true, I am a jeep driving, trailer haulin' gal......I can't back up the trailer so great but I can drive with it just fine


Pam said...

I will be purchasing this bag tomorrow!!
That is wall paper from home depot...I am trying to convince my husband that we should put it in Kenadi's bedroom with a vintage far the answer is
"are you crazy I am not hanging wallpaper!"

Saucy said...

Okay, I'm totally checking this out! I used bubble wrap, shredded paper, that stretchy saran wrap protecty-stuff and also a ton of tissue and I am still worried about Angela's jar. Your puffy thing looks genius!

Anonymous said...

Hi from Dublin - I was lonely for everyone - so I found a cute tee shirt for my newest 'Great Nephew' (and boy-oh-boy, he IS grreat!) so you and saucy get the lunch plan with Frenemy going! I can hardly wait to see him (I hope he fits size 9-12 slow down on feeding him his finger lickin' good stuff, so we can get him into his new shirt!) Honey, you get my e-mail address from saucy and send me some news 'k??? xoxox the fan