Zombie Jar Swap- My Very 1st Swap!

I know you have all been waiting to see pictures from my very first Zombie Jar Swap. Oliver Rain spoiled me with the jar she sent me not to mention 2 beautifully spooky hand embroidered pieces of art. The jar she sent was called "True Love Never Dies" and includes a skeleton bride and groom with hand embroidered veil and top hat...very nice detail and perfect for this proud newly wed! The big shiny bling on the outside makes me smile and I know I will proudly display this jar each Halloween season! Perfect Jar for this Sassy!

Here is my jar that I sent to Oliver Rain..."Blog Boo's" is a short history of her blogs from 2007-2008 that dangle spookily inside the jar on silver chain. I had a great time cascading the skulls, pearls and crystals down the outside of the jar. I just love the look of skulls and sparkles!I couldn't help but to include a charm toggle or two....some of my earlier and quieter designs.

What a great adventure this swap was! I can't wait to do another! If you have not tried a swap before, try it! It may seem a little scary at first but don't be spooked, dive in and have fun, I am soooo glad I did!


Saucy said...

Both of you really outdid yourselves on the swap and were a perfect fit for each other! And she got a toggle too, that lucky gal!

karen said...

simply wonderful!!