Wii and Weights

McDreamy has a special day on November the 2ND! He treated himself to the weights and I treated him to the Wii-it's what he asked for! I also have a special home made little something for him that I know he will enjoy. My plan is to have the supper at the restaurant so I can enjoy his day along with him instead of bustling about the kitchen barking orders.

I am still waiting for home-depot to call me to set up an appointment to order cabinets. I keep my cell phone close at all times so not to miss that call! I really am so excited to have a space to work. The studio is so close I can smell it! Right now the dining room has all the installation fabric and canvases, the kitchen has trial pieces for the installation covering the island, the living room has toggle bracelet supplies everywhere and the computer room has everything else!

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