Nana One and Nana Two

Nana One (otherwise known as the Frenemie) and Nana Two popped by for some pie tonight and a quick cuddle with the Sprout. Our visits are never long enough and I'm wishing Nana Two lived closer to us than silly old Edmonton. Goodness knows that Sassy would have more than enough projects to keep her and Grrr (Nana Two's Hubby) busy for a long long time! Grr is the hero who made Sassy her cupcake tower and flamingos for the Twist of Lime event...want to know a secret...Sassy loves those cute hot pink Flamingos just about as much as she loves McDreamy!

Here is a photo of the cupcake tower, it sure made for anamazing! Thanks again Grr and Nana Two!

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Saucy said...

Hey! I lurrve me some Nana One, some Grrr and some Nana Two! They are the best!

Loopy and I have to go to Calgary on the weekend for her to get her braces on, we won't be around on Friday morning (boo) to see The Sprout at his first pumpkin patch. I am dying to take his pictures and try your camera too!

Oh, and I have GOSSIP for you... and you know I'm not really a gossiper but this is GOOD and really you want to hear it in person, don't you? We will be back on the weekend so I will see you and The Sprout next week!