What Can You Buy for 12 1/2 cents?

Taa daa! Neat tins! I think they will be perfect for sending yummy treats to Twinny and the boys in Vancouver. They were 2 for 50 cents but then they had the blue tag so were then half off of that! Needless to say I stocked up!
I sure hope the studio is done soon, McDreamy doesn't know it but I have been squirrelling away all my crafting treasures in the back of the laundry room cupboards!


Saucy said...

Those would also look cool if you banged them up and distressed them a bit, don't you think? Hmmmm I wonder where you found those suckers?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Saucy,,,I wanted to tell you that your Grandma K would be VERY proud of you (somehow, I can't post replies from here, Dublin) But honey, I was thinking about Baby F this morning - I scored a nice wee tee shirt for him!!! As saucy isn't writing to me too often. AHEM!!!!!!!! I am getting lonely to hold little Sprout xoxo the fan Hello K&D from us!